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Push Up Technique

How to properly perform push up to avoid injury and maximize gains:As with the pull up discussed earlier in the week, the push up is a very common exercise among all weightlifting individuals because of the diverse methods there are to progress and regress the technique. However, throughout all of the variations, overall biomechanics should …

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Bench Press Technique

How to properly perform bench press to avoid injury:The bench press is the most common upper body exercise used when training because it is a compound upper body movement that incorporates many of your major upper extremity muscles. However, bench press can be easily performed with poor body mechanics and technique. One common mistake that …

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Squat Technique!

How to properly squat to avoid knee injury:The squat is the most common exercise used when training because it is a movement needed throughout almost every sport, great for strength and muscle development, and is a technique we use millions of times throughout our lives. The squat is very popular because it can be performed …

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Deadlift Technique!

How to properly deadlift to avoid back injury: Deadlifting is one of the most popular exercises for athletes or anyone in the gym to perform and there is good reason for that. The deadlift is a compound exercise that helps to build overall muscle mass and strength which improves athletic performance. Many people think that …

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