Why the Root Issue of Your Injury Is Not Coming from the Area That is Painful:

Let’s say you are experiencing knee pain. Typically, patients come to our clinic and say something to the effect of “well, I tried these YouTube videos for my knee, and they didn’t really help.” The reason for this is because usually the knee is just at the mercy of what the ankle and the hip are “telling it to do.” Sometimes, watching YouTube videos for knee exercises may make things worse. This is why Doctors of Physical Therapy are movement specialists. We are experts in understanding what the root of the issue is.

But Why Has Physical Therapy Failed in the Past? 

A lot of the time, traditional Physical Therapy may not work because even though a physical therapist may know that the issue isn’t exactly at the knee, their hands are tied to insurance companies. 

If the physician wrote a script for knee pain, then the therapist may have to treat the knee. They can’t look at your hip, foot, or running mechanics to find the root of the issue. This is why so many people have failed physical therapy before coming to see us. 

At Pro+Kinetix, we assess your movement patterns, find the root issue, and isolate what is causing your pain to make sure that it doesn’t keep coming back. Rather than telling you “just rest it,” we find the reason why your pain keeps coming back, even after you rest it. 

We recently had a patient who was a weightlifter and happened to have back pain. Their old physical therapist told them it was likely due to the way they were sitting or that they had a weak abdomen. 

Instead of taking this at face value, we dug deep to find the reason for why this pain kept popping up. Instead of using isolating tests to just look at the low back, we did a full body examination. Thankfully we did because we determined that his pain was coming from his shoulders. 

He told us that he does bench and shoulder press exercises daily as part of his movement routine. We looked at his shoulder press and determined that he was doing them incorrectly. We found that he had a lot of shoulder imbalances, due to lack of shoulder mobility. This patient was compensating during his exercises with his low back by completely arching his low back. He couldn’t keep his back flat on the bench to complete a shoulder press, so his compensating patterns were increasing compression on the spine. 

We restored mobility & strength in his shoulders. This patient is now back to work pain free after a year of living with low back pain. This goes to show the importance that if you are seeing a practitioner, they take a full body approach like we do here at Pro+Kinetix Physical Therapy and Performance. 

Oakland, CA Pain Management Clinic

Dr. Ben Bagge

Pro+Kinetix Physical Therapy & Performance

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