What do you know about your muscle activity during walking? And why is walking so important?

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Physical Therapists are specialized in analyzing gait.

What is Gait?

Gait is a person’s manner of walking. Normal human gait is a repetition of a sequence of limb movements that progress the body along a specific path while maintaining weight-bearing stability, conserving energy, and absorbing the shock of floor impact.

Woah! A lot of big words to explain what walking is… but this is because walking is quite complex.

Your joint positions are constantly changing during walking. These motions will occur very quickly, which makes gait difficult to observe. Physical Therapists are movement specialists and are trained to observe each specific joint motion, demand on the body and muscle action during walking.

How can I improve my stability, support, and control my body while I walk?

Walking helps strengthen and condition your leg muscles. It is important to also strengthen your walking muscles!

Why am I sore after walking?

When you spend all day walking or hiking, you may experience some muscle stiffness. This is because your muscles are activating all day. After a long walk make sure you try a few stretches to increase your mobility and reduce muscle tightness. 


  • Piriformis Stretch 
  • Gastrocnemius Stretch 
  • Soleus Stretch 
  • IT-Band Foam Roll 
  • Child’s Pose 
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