Trigger Point Dry Needling Therapy Results

What’s Dry Needling?

Trigger Point Physical Therapy Dry Needling Des Moines, a skilled treatment technique that treats muscular trigger points that cause or contribute to pain and dysfunction, is highly skilled. Trigger points are painful, sensitive areas of a muscle. The trigger point can be described as a tightened or guarded muscle that is so restricted that blood flow is reduced and waste products build up. This causes the muscle to not function properly.

A muscle trigger point refers to a hyper-irritable, highly localized area in a taut, palpable band of skeletal muscle fibers. Trigger points are located throughout the body and have been proven to be the main source of pain in up to 85 percent of pain-related visits by primary care physicians.

They can develop from a variety of causes, including local or referred pain, inflammation, and tissue injury.

Dry needling can be a very effective treatment to reduce pain and allow patients to move earlier. 

Dry Needling:

The needle stimulates the muscle, creating a twitch and rapid depolarization of fibers. This eliminates any compression of the nerve, joint or vascular tissue. This causes a dramatic decrease in muscle activity, which allows it to relax, and also allows for a reduction in pain and dysfunction.

Sometimes, patients will feel “referred to pain” when the needle is inserted. This is usually a good sign that the trigger point is the cause of the patient’s pain.

Dry needling can be a great option for patients looking to improve their range of motion.

Many theories suggest that Dry Needling stimulates the body’s endogenous opioids, which in turn initiates a healing process.

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Dry Needling is part of an overall care program at Results Physiotherapy

Our therapists are well-versed in anatomy and physiology. Before implementing TDN, our therapists must undergo rigorous training and testing. Our industry-leading training in manual therapy and exercise science gives our therapists a solid foundation for dry needling training. This ensures that patients receive safe, world-class care.

A highly trained therapist must administer physical therapy dry needling Des Moines. They should have advanced training in anatomy, musculoskeletal function, and dysfunction. This technique is only available to the most skilled manual physical therapists. These therapists can be found in most of our clinics.

Dry Needling for Sports and Activity

Performance athletes often suffer from muscle spasms due to the demands of their workouts. Many endurance athletes, such as cyclists, long-distance runners, and cyclists, suffer from persistent muscular tension. This can be difficult to resolve using manual therapy, massage, or stretching. Many people who are starting an exercise program or increasing their activity level have similar problems.

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