Treating Sciatica in Pregnant Mothers

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and fulfilling experiences in a woman’s life. Unfortunately, the female body might suffer during these nine months. Many pregnant women have back pain in addition to swollen feet, morning sickness, and an expanding tummy. It could be more than a mild aching in the lower back for some. Sciatica during pregnancy is a common but transitory ailment that can cause piercing and searing pain in the final months of pregnancy.

What is Sciatica and how does it affect you? 

The sciatic nerve is the body’s biggest nerve. It starts in the lower back, goes down the buttocks, and branches out to the ankles and feet on the back of the legs. When this nerve is crushed or inflamed, it can cause shooting pain, tingling, or numbness that travels from the back or buttocks to the backs of your legs. It usually affects one side of the body. Sciatica can develop outside of pregnancy due to a bulging disc, arthritis, or spinal stenosis. 

The sciatic nerve in expecting mothers can be constricted for other (temporary) reasons connected to pregnancy. This usually happens in the third trimester.

What Causes Sciatica During Pregnancy? 

Given the enormous changes in a woman’s midsection that occur during pregnancy, it’s easy to see how pregnancy could trigger sciatic nerve pain. The following are the most common causes of pregnant sciatica: 

  • Changes in gravity that extend the lordotic curve, tighten the buttocks muscles, and squeeze the sciatic nerve 
  • Increased fluid retention and weight gain cause nerve compression in the pelvic. 
  • The pressure of a developing uterus on the spinal discs is increased. 
  • As the baby settles into birthing position, it’s head rests on the sciatic nerve.

What Pro+Kinetix Physical Therapy Do To Help? 

While pregnant sciatica usually goes away once the baby is born, that doesn’t mean you have to live with the pain until then. We can treat a variety of pre and post-natal ailments, including sciatica, at Pro+Kinetix Physical Therapy. 

To treat pregnancy sciatica, we use non-invasive, drug-free pain management approaches such as therapeutic soft tissue techniques, moderate joint mobilizations, and targeted stretching and massage. We know what it takes to boost the physical and mental health of both mothers and their growing children! To schedule an appointment, call our clinic or visit

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