Training & Injury Prevention For Dancers

Some of the most talented athletes are dancers! Dancers are able to memorize and perform difficult moves, which require strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, and stamina. All this while looking graceful.

It is important to train for these specific demands in order to improve dancers’ skills and prevent injury. However, a dancer would not train the same as a powerlifter or a baseball player for coordination or conditioning. Cross-training is essential for dancers. It combines the training for all the requirements of dance with exercises that target weaker areas to help them perform the jumps, sustained poses and other movements they need to succeed.

Here at Pro+Kinetix we work with many types of athletes including dancers to prevent and treat injuries for performers

Exercises You Can Do To Strengthen On Your Own:

  1. Bridge with External Rotation: Used for improving strength in glutes, while working on alignment, core and functional turn out
  2. Bridge with Exercise Ball: Advanced for of Bridge on the floor, this works to improve turn out and balance
  3. Bridge with Exercise Ball & Theraband: This helps to work the core as well as mid back strength to improve posture
  4. Arabesque on Exercise Ball: Works the core while lengthening & strengthening the back
  5. Seated Crunch with Thereaband: incorporates transitional movement & improves posture as well as upper body strength
  6. Side Plank with Clamshell: Works the core and helps improve stability of the hips

The exercises listed above are ones we often recommend to help dancers strengthen in preparation for injury prevention. Learn more about us and how we help dance athletes at

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