The Piriformis: What Might Be Causing Your Sciatic Pain!


😩 Can’t sit comfortably? Can’t lie on your back? Feel like you have a radiating pain down your back? 

Are any of these symptoms familiar? 

  • Buttock pain radiating into the hip, back of the thigh and lower leg
  • Tenderness in the buttock region
  • Sitting or squatting increases pain

🚨You may have Piriformis Syndrome 🚨

🧐 What is Piriformis Syndrome? What are the possible causes and what can you do to improve it?

🦵🏽 Piriformis is a tiny muscle that can have a powerful effect on your daily movements and be linked to sciatica. 

➡️ Its main responsibility is to help rotate your hips outward. 

➡️The border of the Piriformis is where the Sciatic nerve lies for most people.

🏃🏽‍♀️ Piriformis Syndrome is a condition that causes irritation to the sciatic nerve. It can be caused by the compression of an injured or irritated Piriformis Muscle.

🌀 Here are a few simple and effective ways to stretch out your piriformis muscle and get some relief from your sciatica pain. 

  • Simple Seated Stretch 
  • Standing Piriformis Stretch 
  • Supine Piriformis Stretch 
  • Outerhip Piriformis Stretch 
  • Inner Thigh Stretch 

🌀 Try these strength training exercises: 

  • Side Lying Clams 
  • Hip Extensions
  • Glute Bridges 
  • Monster Walks
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