Sports Physical Therapy Dry Needling

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Dry needling is an effective pain relief method and provides a quicker recovery
Acupuncture and dry needling are similar treatments, but they have different objectives.

Ask you’re physical therapist for information about dry needling.

Benefits of Dry Needling

Although physical therapists can use a variety of methods to treat dysfunction today, many prefer dry needling for pain management that is not debilitating for athletes at all levels.

Dry needling is an innovative method to relieve pain and speed up recovery from sports injuries.

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What is Dry Needling?

Sports physical therapy dry needling can be used to release knots in soft tissues, also known as myofascial trigger points. These trigger points can be found in hypersensitive areas of muscles, ligaments, and tendons and are often associated with stiffness and pain after injuries.

A physical therapist will insert thin filament needles into painful trigger points to relieve the discomfort. This stimulates pain relief and improves function.

This is an effective way to jumpstart recovery from sports injuries.

What is Sports Physical Therapy Dry Needling?

According to pain specialists, trigger points are areas of abnormal electrical activity or chemicals that cause inflammation. This is why you feel pain. Dry needling is a method that causes biochemical and mechanical changes to relieve pain, reduce muscle tension, and improve range and motion.

Research has shown that inserting a needle in a trigger point causes microtrauma. This alters the electrical and chemical activity and normalizes it. It can also restore function and relieve pain. This causes the trigger point to be deactivated, and the surrounding muscles can then relax. This draws in white blood cells and plasma cells to start the healing process.

Studies have shown that this type of treatment is beneficial to people suffering from a variety of acute and chronic conditions. Dry needling is preferred by athletes over other treatment options. It does not require medication and has no side effects.

What is the difference between dry needling and acupuncture?

A lot of people compare dry needling therapy to acupuncture. There are many differences between them, especially in terms of the philosophies and objectives of each treatment.

Sports Physical Therapy Dry needling is based upon Western neuro-anatomy, scientific understanding, and years of research. Maryland was the first state to include dry needling in its 1984 practice law. Baltimore physical therapists are experts in this modality and have been for over 35 years. Sports physical dry needling is a method that reduces pain and improves function by releasing myofascial trigger points in the muscle.

Acupuncture, a Chinese healing method that dates back to 2,000 years ago, treats medical conditions by restoring energy flow (Qi) through the meridian and energy points. The body uses heat, pressure, and needles to heal itself. This can reduce pain and help restore function.

Both modalities can be used medically and are effective in treating chronic pain.

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Is Dry Needling Painful?

This is a very common question. Dry needling is generally considered painless and comfortable with no side effects. Dry needling is very painless for most people. A needle inserted or removed can cause a brief, temporary stinging sensation. This sensation can be described by some patients as a slight tingling, cramp or ache.

Who can benefit from dry needling?

Sports physical therapy dry needling is a great option for many people. Dry needling is beneficial for both athletes and non-athletes. This includes people with musculoskeletal issues due to tendinitis, muscle strains and acute or chronic injuries, tendinitis and tendinitis, tendinitis, muscle strains and neck, and back pain, headaches and pain in the hips and knees, fibromyalgia, and other conditions.

Dry needling can be used to treat injuries, pain, and stiffness. Although not everyone will respond to it in the same way, most people find dry needling an effective treatment for pain relief and recovery.

Talk to your sports physical therapist about dry needling. This will help speed up your recovery and allow you to return to your sport as soon as possible.

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