Hamstring Pain: Do you have Hamstring Tendinopathy?

Hamstring Tendinopathy is noted often in runners, hurdlers, yoga participants, dancers, & individuals perimenopausal. This can occur due to a traumatic event or onset overtime. This can occur when overloading the muscle, if you have lengthened or contracted hip flexors, during the stretch-shorten cycle of plyometric exercises, or excessively stretching your hamstring. This can sometimes have related sciatic nerve entrapment causing irritation down the leg in your hamstring region.

How do you know if this maybe you?

  • Are you experiencing deep, localized pain in the lower gluteal or ischial region?
  • Does your hamstring become aggravated by sitting, fast walking, running, lunging, squatting, or removing your shoes?
  • Do you have pain when you passively stretch your hamstring?
  • Do you feel the pain improve after a warmup activity?

Here are some tips on how to manage your pain if you think this may be you!

  • Limit irritability until is stabilizes such as hill running, quick starts, hurdles.
  • Try cushioned seating
  • Avoid repeated stretching
  • Adjust your posture

What exercises to get started if you suspect you may have hamstring tendinopathy.

  1. Start with Hamstring Isometrics with 5×45 second holds & moderate resistance.
  2. Keep a neutral hip flexion of around 20-30 degrees.
  3. Maintain neutral spine – observe your posture and try to focus on neutral spine
  4. Improve your lumbopelvic muscle performance by reaching out to a Doctor of Physical Therapy to tailor exercises towards you!

Simple ways to decrease pain for cyclers and runners:

Ice, heat, anti-inflammatories and compression may decrease your pain acutely.


  • Adjust your bike fit
  • Adjust your knee position on the upstroke.


  • Adjust your shoes – perhaps try new shoes or consider getting a fitting for orthotics.
  • Adjust your running surface and change up the location of your runs.
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