Dry Needling Offers Effective Treatment for Hip Pain

What Dry Needling Can Do

Dry needling is used to treat hip pain. We target the Myofascial trigger point (also known as “knots”) within the muscle. These knots are composed of a grouping of muscle fibers which have been shortened following activation, but cannot be retracted to their relaxed state after they are used. The result is that painful, sensitive nodules form in the muscle and the surrounding capillaries, nerves, and muscles become compressed. These trigger points can cause hip or buttock pain in patients who have myofascial triggers in the muscles around their hips and buttocks.

To treat this problem, we place an ultrasound-guided fine filament probe into the middle of the myofascial trigger points within the affected muscle. This causes the contracted muscle fibers in the muscle to relax. This causes a decrease in hip and buttock pain.

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Dry Needling Hip Pain Treatments

Traditional wisdom believed that these symptoms were caused by an inflammation of the bursa, or fluid-filled sac. This was treated with cortisone injection. This condition was renamed and the treatment method changed after it was discovered that the problem is usually caused by inflammation and not bursa. Dry needling hip pain is one way to solve the problem! 

Cortisone injections can cause inflammation and have side effects. Some patients are curious if there’s a better way to manage their pain. Trigger point dry needling hip pain may be an alternative to injections for those who are looking for a treatment.

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Common Treatment Areas

Every patient is different and can have hip or buttock pain in different ways. We evaluate each patient’s pain individually to determine the source. To bring about relief, we then use a series of dry needle treatments. We often create plans for:

  • Dry needling Piriformis syndrome: Targeting the Piriformis Muscle
  • Dry needling of hip pain/ Dry needling of hip flexors. Targeting the Tensor Fascia Latae (TFL/ITB
  • Targeting the Gluteus Mediaus Muscles

Dry Needling vs. Cortisone Injections

In a 2017 study published in the Journal of Orthopedic Sports Physical, 50 GTPS patients were compared to dry needling and cortisone injections. These patients showed similar results to dry needling as they did from corticosteroid injections.

  • Both groups saw a decrease in pain and an improvement in their ability to move and perform daily activities. The results were comparable so dry needling might be an option for people who are concerned about the side effects and risks of steroid injections or want to try a less risky treatment.

Dry Needling to Treat Hip Pain in Des Moines, IA

Start the journey to pain relief for your buttock or hip pain today. Dry Needle Pain Relief offers dry needling for buttock and hip pain to help our patients live pain-free. Contact us today to schedule dry needling for your buttock or hip pain.

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