Dry Needling Low Back Pain

Low back pain affects over 80% of people. It can be caused by many things. It is more than anatomy. However, low back pain can be complicated to treat. It can be difficult to find ways to manage chronic low back pain if you are someone who has struggled with it for a while. There is no magic bullet. Different things may work for different people. The goal of low back pain treatment is to reduce pain and help you move. If you are approached by someone trying to sell you a miracle cure, I advise you to get away. (and then, give me their names and let me beat them up).

Today we will discuss functional dry needling back pain (FDN), and its role in the treatment of low-back pain. FDN is a treatment modality that targets trigger points in the muscles and addresses our central nervous system. Dry needling for back pain can be a great tool for improvement.

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Addresses trigger points

FDN uses filiform needles for reaching trigger points and muscle bellies. Trigger points can be tightened muscles, which can lead to pain and ineffective muscle contractions. The needle can be inserted into trigger points to cause a twitch or rapid relaxation or release of tightness.

Dry needling, which is similar to massages that push down on tight muscles using our hands, foam rollers, and lacrosse balls, can be used to target a specific area of the muscle.

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FDN can also be used in other ways, such as the control-alt-delete method. The needle can be inserted into the muscles to address the central nervous system, which is our brains and nerves. Our brains can become more sensitive to chronic pain. This is proven by research. They can become angry mothers-in-law and protect certain parts of our bodies even when they shouldn’t. This can lead to more tension and guarding regardless of whether there is a danger. FDN is a great tool to reduce tension and guarding by allowing our brains and nerves to regulate more. You can either “control+alt+delete”, or restart our CNS.

Why the lower back?

Understanding the anatomy of our spines is essential to understanding how FDN can help with low back pain. Your multifidus is one of the most painful muscles in your back. These small muscles are located in the deepest part of our backs. These muscles are responsible for stabilizing the vertebrae, helping in rotation and extension of the backs, and they are activated before almost any movement, even eye movements, we make. They are difficult to treat, isolate, and train and can contribute greatly to chronic pain due to their job and location.

Your multifidus is the main area we treat when dry needling low back pain. FDN allows us to reach these muscles with the needles. We can also address tension using e-stim. This is FDN in action at our clinic for treating your multifidus.

Dry needling low back pain is not a standalone treatment. FDN is used to provide clients with a window of opportunity, less pain, and more guards to allow them to access better movement patterns. Dry needling is a great option for those suffering from back pain. This will ensure that you get the best results for your pain and yourself.

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