Dry Needling Des Moines

We can provide dry needling in Des Moines. Dry needling is a highly effective method for reducing tension and pain, increasing movement, and encouraging increased muscle function. Iowa’s Dry Needling therapists have the highest level of experience and certification. This is only one of the many modalities and treatments we offer in physical therapy. This method uses a fine needle but it is not based on traditional Chinese medicine. The needle is used to treat painful knotty areas or trigger points within the muscles.

It can cause irritation and nerve compression if a muscle tightens or spasms. The irritation of nerves can cause a protective spasm in all the muscles they are connected to. This can cause decreased mobility and pain. Many people feel tightness in their muscles or a feeling of a hardball within the muscle. This treatment involves placing fine needles in tight areas. It causes a short contraction, or “twitch reaction”, followed by a long-lasting and immediate feeling of relaxation. Patients can experience pain relief as they have never experienced before with this deep treatment.

The Benefits of Dry Needling

  • Recovering from active rehabilitation is easier 
  • De-sensitizes hypersensitive structures
  • Remediates biochemical electrical dysfunction caused by motor end plates
  • Pain Control
  • Promotes healing response in tissue
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Increases motion and function

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Can Dry Needling Help Me?

Dry Needling is a great option for those who like the effects of massage therapy, but feel disappointed when their discomfort returns. Dry Needling, unlike other bodywork methods, can reach deep into the muscles and treat them at depths that other therapies are not able to. Dry Needling can be used in conjunction with massage therapy to remove tension points and deep knots that are difficult to reach during the massage.

Dry Needling is not recommended for people who are injured or swollen and who have severe pain. Patients with loose joints or severe injuries may not be suitable for this type of treatment. We will evaluate you to determine if Dry Needling is right for you.

Is it painful to use a needle?

The needles used for acupuncture are much finer than a hollow injection needle. This means that they don’t hurt as much. Some patients report feeling pressure, soreness, releasing and deep aching. It is only left in place for a brief time to relax the muscle. The procedure is repeated in different places to restore the muscle’s relaxed, normal state. We treat sensitive areas so there is some discomfort. It is worth it, considering the long-term relief Dry Needling provides.   

What will I feel after Dry Needling treatment?

Dry needle Des Moines treatments can make your muscles feel tired. The soreness may last for a few hours or up to three days. However, it shouldn’t interfere with your daily activities. To keep soreness at bay, we recommend that you drink plenty of water and get active. You can reduce soreness by applying heat to sore muscles. After a few days, you may feel less tightness and pain.

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How does dry needling fit in with my Fast Track Physical Therapy treatment plan?

Dry needling works best when used in combination with other forms of physical therapy. Dry needling can be used in conjunction with other treatment methods such as spinal traction, therapeutic exercise, and manual therapy. Dry needling can be used early in the treatment process to break the pain cycle. Dry Needling Des Moines clients looking for this service should try it with the most skilled in Iowa.

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