Why does physical therapy help?

It will be difficult to list all the benefits of physical therapy in one article. We will still do our best to give as much information as we can to those who don’t know all there is about physical therapy. If you’re in the area, visit the best San Diego Physical Therapy Clinic.

Physical therapy can reduce pain

We all know that pain is not something we like to feel. An individual’s quality-of-life can be affected if they have a pain-related condition. Physical therapy, on the other hand, has been proven to be effective in treating both acute and chronic pain. The use of physical therapy techniques, including soft tissue, joint mobilization, therapeutic exercise, and soft tissue, has been shown to reduce or eliminate pain and to teach patients self-treatments to prevent future pain. !

Avoid surgery

Surgery is usually the first option for patients who are suffering from severe pain or have a disability. Sometimes surgery is necessary. However, physical therapy may be an option. It is possible to avoid unnecessary surgery by trying physical therapy first before you resort to surgery. There are increasing numbers of studies that show it to be the best treatment for many muscular-skeletal conditions. There is strong evidence that preoperative treatment can improve postoperative outcomes, even if surgery isn’t necessary.

You can return to your regular routine after an injury

Physical therapists are actively involved in the pursuit of fitness and health. A person with a background of physical rehabilitation training is the best person to help you get back to your favorite hobbies. A physical therapist will assess your ability to move again as soon as possible and consider the physical requirements of the activity.

Protect yourself from injuries

People who are suffering from pain or an injury often seek out physical therapy. Physical therapy is often overlooked because it helps to identify areas of weakness or poor mobility that can lead to injury. Physical therapists will create a treatment plan to prevent injury. It is impossible to prevent injury. As with everything else in life though, prevention is always better! We can help! Visit the #1 Scripps Ranch Physical Therapy Clinic.

Balance can prevent falls

Elderly falls can be dangerous and common. They can also have devastating effects on one’s life. More than 25% of seniors 65 and older fell this year. This percentage is only increasing. Many of these falls will result in serious injuries. Physical therapy can help prevent falls. This involves assessments and the creation of individualized treatment plans that include exercises to improve strength, mobility and balance. Patients and their families can also learn simple strategies to reduce their chance of falling at home by educating themselves.


If you have questions regarding physical therapy, please contact your doctor, orthopedist or any other medical professional.

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