Neuro Physical therapy


Neuro physical therapy refers to a branch of physical therapy that treats ailments related to the brain or spinal cord.

Role of the neuro physiotherapist

A neurotherapist is a specialist who assesses and treats immobility due to the nervous system. The nervous system is responsible for treating any physical impairments. If you’re in the area, visit the best San Diego Physical Therapy Clinic.


It covers the majority of diseases of the nervous systems, such as

Stroke (when brain tissue is starved of oxygen because of a blocked blood supply)

Spinal cord injury (any accidental injury, such as disc displacement)

Multiple sclerosis (a genetic defect that causes myelin to be attacked by the body).

Parkinson disease (a brain disorder that causes shaking and shaking in the body, especially the hands) 

Bells palsy is a condition where facial muscles are weakened due to damage to the brain nerve.

Peripheral Neuropathy (it’s a result from damage to neurons outside of the brain and causes numbness in the hands and feet)

Vestibular distinction (the body can keep balance because of damage the central or peripheral nervous system).

Brain and spinal tumours

All the diseases that impair the nervous system have been listed above.

Neuro physical therapy aims

Many patients suffering from neurological disorders are difficult to treat. The ailment cannot be completely cured even with the best treatment. However, it can be reduced so that the patient can lead a normal life. Neuro physical therapy’s main goals are

The degree of malfunctions is seen

Make sure you use the best techniques to ensure maximum rehabilitation

Improve your quality of life

Move the affected body part

Future injury prevention measures can be taken to reduce the chance. We can help! Visit the #1 Rancho Bernardo Physical Therapy Clinic.

Neuro physical therapy principles

These are the principles upon which hydrotherapy is built

The brain is an adaptable and dynamic organ. It is able to adapt to changes in the body, and can respond accordingly

It is possible to restore neuron function in a certain extent

Encourage patients to move normally can aid in recovery

Patients can be helped to improve their health by having a team of active and passive therapists that are matched to their needs.

The nervous system is the most complex and sensitive part of the human body. The majority of injuries, whether they are genetic or environmental, are nearly impossible to treat 100%. If a spinal disc or cell body is damaged or a neuron system is injured, recovery can be difficult. These procedures are slow to recover and can result in instability. You will need therapy for the rest of your life.

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