Williams Low Back Flexion Exercise

The lower back flexion exercise is the most simple exercise which will help you to improve your lumber mobility and decrease your lower back pain it is one of the safe exercises suggested by your physical therapist because it will place minimum strain on your back and can be done while lying down so the risk of injury is reduced greatly lumber flexion has been proven to be an effective exercises for spinal stenosis, spondolysithesis and lumbar facet joint problems it is  also an effective exercise for sacroiliac joint problem lumbar flexion exercise is also known as William flexion exercise

When to Perform Low Back Flexion

There are certain condition and time where low back flexion exercise is beneficial to perform people with specific conditions such as lower back pain.

You can also use lower back flexion exercises when you are recovering from a lumbar herniated of bulging disc as a part of exercise progression for sciatica while performing this exercise too much be cautious because an acute disc bulge on the nation may be worsened by lumbar flexion exercises you must have your physical therapist or health Care provider before performing this exercise to ensure that if it is suitable for your condition and you are doing it accurately as well

Who Should Not Perform Lumbar Flexion

There are certain condition in which the lower back flexion exercises must not be performed if you are performing the lower black flexion exercise and the symptom worsens then it is a good sign to immediately stop the exercise and seek advice of an expert physical therapist if the centralisation of symptom occur while perform this exercise then it is an indication that you are improving and this exercise is appropriate for you

But if you feel that your pain is travelling to hips buttoks tighs and leg as youperform the exercise and is worsening then immediately stop the exercise as it is a red signal for you before performing any exercise for lower back pain conditions consult your physical therapist because you don’t know what is the cause of lower back pain or whether the lumbar flexion exercises is beneficial in your case or not

Also make sure that you ask to physical process to demonstrate the exercise for you so that you are performing the exercise in an appropriate manner and a body is properly aligned during this exercise because if this exercise is performed in an appropriate manner without care it will lead to more damage than benefit and can even lead to re injury