What to Expect from Balance Physical Therapy

 Balance problems are one of the common reasons why many older adults seek help from health care providers. Most of the time people also seek help with balance issues because of stroke or vestibular medical issues. Balance is a motor skill like any other skill and can get better when you work on it.

Where Does Balance Come From?

The balance of a body is maintained by the following three systems and you remain upright and balanced by this

  • Your vision and your visual system
  • Your vestibular system of the inner ear
  • Your proprioceptive system in your muscles and joints

Anything that disrupts any one of these systems can cause a major problem with your balance

Getting Started With Balance PT

If you fall multiple times or you feel your balance is impaired you should immediately contact your healthcare provider to check it out after initial checking when your balance problem is confirmed then and you must immediately contact an expert physical therapist for helping you to go through this issue and prevent any secondary injury because of fall

Balance issues can sometimes maybe point towards more serious issues

 For Example loss of balance and blurred vision, weakness and confusion can indicate life-threatening conditions such as a stroke your healthcare provider can consider your balance concerns and make a thorough evaluation and assessment of your condition they can also tell that if you need any additional treatment with physical therapy or not

 Your physical Therapist then will plan a set of exercises such as single-leg stance and vision balances depending on the causes of your balance issues. Make sure that you completely follow the guidelines of your physical therapist and never miss a session because a little carelessness here can lead to a major secondary injury of bone, muscle tendon, and ligament because of a fall

Length of Balance Therapy

How often you will be required to visit your physical therapist and how many times you have to repeat the exercise  depends on the cause and severity of your balance problems In general the physical therapy programs last for a few weeks to a few months with sessions of at least once or twice per week, for example, a condition of the inner ear called vertigo is improved within 2 to 6 weeks with physical therapy but for someone who has a life-changing surgery or severe trauma physical therapy sessions may be long term just keep in mind that physical therapy requires time and consistency to see noticeable results so never assume that you can be recovered after one physical therapy session