What Is Ankylosing Spondylitis?

Alkalizing spondylitis is a very serious and painful condition specially when newborn forms and fill the gaps between the vertebrate because of this these areas will become stiff and it will become extremely hard to move and bend your spine this will also affect your rib cage and can cause lung and breathing problems for slowing down the process and recovering from this process physical therapy exercises are one of the best options here we will discuss some of the physical therapy exercises which a physical therapist qill suggest to you depending on your condition always make sure to ask your physical purpose for demonstrating exercises for you before performing on you so that you can perform this exercise without any problem and any further injury

Leg Raises

Performing this exercise

  • You must use a chair or railing for spot
  • Now stand and keep your back straight and slightly bend your knee
  • Now slowly lift your one leg to the side  few inches off the ground and then lower It Back down
  • Make sure that you are maintaining a good posture during this exercise
  • After that bring the same leg back up behind you in a 45 degree angle and hold this for a few second
  • Avoid bending on leaning over the chair or sport
  • Repeat this 10 times for each leg and do this exercise at least 5 times a week.

Chin Tucks 

This exercise can help you to strengthen the neck and lose muscles of neck for comfort and support make sure you place a small roll towel under your neck while performing this exercise for performing this exercise follow these steps

  • Lie on your back without lifting your head
  • Now take your chin towards your chest
  • Hold this position for up to 5 seconds and repeat this exercise up to five times a couple of times a day

Shoulder Rolls

Shoulder rolls is a exercise which can be performed when your back is an upright position it is important to keep your spine as straight as you can without any discomfort while performing this exercise for  performing this exercise follow these steps

  • Gently shrug your shoulder towards your ear and move Back down
  • If you are performing this exercise accurately then you will feel a slight tug in the upper back
  • Take a five second break between shoulder shrug and repeat this exercise 10 times