Three physical therapy tips and techniques for maintaining and upright posture

We have already discuss some of the methods and techniques by which you can maintain and if you are suffering from lower back pain and shoulder pain there are some of the other tips which of physical therapist may also suggest you for maintaining an upright posture

Do Scapular Stabilization Exercise

Scapular exercises are significantly helpful in maintaining an upright posture and reducing the back pain exercises. Your physical therapist can help you to improve your posture  by strengthening the muscles that attach your shoulder blades to your spine. You will have better control of your posture by this

 Performing few simple exercises like the prone T  prone I and prone Y can help you to improve the neuromuscular recruitment of the muscles that support your shoulder blade and it is specifically helpful in in maintaining and upright and proper posture you can check in with your physical therapist to learn the proper techniques to perform this exercise

Set an alarm I

This technique may sounds very simple and easy but setting an alarm while you are working can help you to train Your body to maintain and upright and appropriate posture how many times in the day you sit at your computer with perfect posture and how much time you maintain this posture without slouching

Many computers and smartphones nowadays have  function of alarm simply set an alarm for about 20 to 30 minutes after each 20 to 30 minutes the alarm will rings s

and will remind you to adjust your posture hit the snooze button and get back to your work as you get better at maintaining appropriate posturer you can increase the time limit between the alarms but in beginning try to set an alarm for every 10 minutes

Recruit Friends to Give You Gentle Reminders

The problem in monitoring your poster is that you are not sitting in front of the mirror each and every time and you can’t see yourself when you are sitting an appropriate solution for this is that you can sit and work in front of a mirror for all the time or a very easy method for this is to simply ask some of your friends and co-workers to gently remind you to sit in an upright and tall posture whenever they see you slouching

Make sure that you follow the advice of your physical therapist and use these tips and techniques in your daily life to solve the problems of your back pain in addition to that if at any point you feel that your back pain is worsening immediately contact your physical therapy so they can help you identify the cause and deal with it