The Benefits of Physical Therapy for Torticollis in Children

The young mother of a child noticed a very strange thing in her baby. She noticed that her daughter head and neck are turned to the side every time she placed in her car seat

Many mothers visit hospitals with the concern that their baby’s neck seems to turn unnaturally every time they put their baby in a car seat or baby swing. This condition of unnatural turning of the neck is called torticollis. This condition can be treated by a pediatric physical therapist

It is a condition in which baby neck muscles are tightened and are in spasm this causes the child head and neck to bend in one side more it may occur in up to 16% of the babies and infants in the majority of the cases our head bends to one side and is rotated in the opposite direction. This condition can be treated successfully by a pediatric physical therapist which works on improving the flexibility in neck muscles

Signs and Symptoms of Torticollis

Torticollis in babies may be a birth defect and can be present at birth or it may be acquired during child growth. It is caused by unnatural tightness in the sternocleidomastoid muscle of the neck. When a muscle is tightened it leads to the abnormal positioning of the head and the head bends towards the tight side and rotates away from the tight side as well

Symptoms of torticollis in infants and babies include

  • Bending of the baby head to the one side and turning to the opposite side when seated all lying down
  • Limited range of motion of your baby’s neck
  • A secondary effect of torticollis is the flattening of a side of a baby’s head and face
  • When you breastfeed your baby they prefer only one side during feeding
  • Yeah baby can’t keep his head in an upright position

The Effects of Physical Therapy on Torticollis in Children

If your child is diagnosed with torticollis then you may consider taking benefit from the services of a physical therapist because a physical therapist is a person who can provide you with the treatment and exercises to help improve the neck range of motion and positioning and neck and head muscular control of the baby. A physical therapist will perform several exercises such as neck rotation, proper posture maintaining, Lateral head tilt, and cheek to cheek hold which can cure this condition

Some researches also show that torticollis may go away with time but other cases are Persistent require proper physical therapy treatment to resolve. Research also proves that taking physical therapy treatment at early stages can improve the outcomes so it is a good idea to get started as soon as possible and doesn’t wait for it to resolve on its working with an expert physical therapist can ensure that your child torticollis will quickly resolve and they can be normalized their infancy and childhood