Tennis elbow and physical therapy

This condition is also known as lateral epicondylitis in this condition your tendon of the elbow is damaged. It occurs when you excessively use your arm and hand in such a motion that it involves Maximum elbow motion

Its name is tennis elbow but it is not necessary that only athletes can develop this many other people such as butchers and carpenters can develop this

Symptoms of tennis elbow

It is very easy to identify tennis elbow because its symptoms are quite simple and don’t have any complexity its common symptoms are

  • Pain in the elbow which radiates to the arm
  • Pain in the tendon of your forearm muscles attach to the bony bump on the outside of the elbow joint
  • Limited range of motion
  • Inability to perform functions such as holding objects or shaking hand

Causes of tennis elbow

Some of the most common causes of tennis elbow are excess usage and muscle strain at elbow position. This can be due to the repeated contraction of the forearm muscles of your arm which you use to straighten your arm and lift your hand. As the name suggests this disease is most common in players who play tennis and use backhand stroke with bad technique. Other causes  of tennis elbow can be

  • Using plumbing tools or butcher tools
  • Painting
  • Safe 
  • Excessive cutting especially of meat

Treatment of tennis elbow

The most common treatment of tennis elbow is physical therapy treatment following steps are taken by a physical therapist to treat tennis elbow

  • Regular icing treatment is given after every 3 to 4 hours for 20 minutes and still pain and swelling goes away
  • Usage of an elbow strap to protect the elbow from further damage
  • Practicing ROM exercises to increase the range of motion and flexibility as well
  • Practicing strength-building exercises to strengthen the muscles tendons and ligaments of arms so that in the future the condition doesn’t happen again


We perform almost all functions of our daily life using our arms this condition can be very painful because we are unable to perform almost all the functions we do normally who are even unable to grab a cup of coffee properly with this condition but with proper physical therapy treatment and care this condition can be reversed and can be prevented in future as well. So make sure you take proper care of your arms and follow the guidelines of your physical therapist