Press up exercise for lower back pain

You have successfully performed other lower back pain exercises such as maintaining and upright posture on a lying on your stomach or propped up exercise as well this is the time for performing the press up exercise for lower back pain this exercise is great for restoring the normal lordosis or forward curve in your lower back

For performing this exercise lie  down on your stomach with your hands flat on the floor under your shoulders make sure that your lower back is relaxed and now slowly press up so that your upper body rises while your lower body remain on the floor

 If you feel that by this exercise your symptoms are intensifying then do not go very far now slowly lower down and rest for few seconds and then press up again tried to go a little further each time but make sure that you are moving slowly and dramatically

When you are performing the press up you should try to go a little further each time so that you range of motion and forward curve in your spine is restored easily as you press up make sure to monitor any changes in your symptoms and centralisation of your pain it is a good sign and it indicates recovery of your back pain

Perform each exercise about 10 to 15 times and then relax once again on to your stomach for rising from the floor simply press up ones last time and slowly bend one knee up and then the other until your feet are on the floor and you are able to stand normally try to maintain a forward curve of your spine as you rise

The three exercises lying down popping on to your elbows and the process can be performed many times throughout the day don’t be surprised if your physical therapist suggests you perform this exercise every hour or two for the first few days this is common

Perform each exercise including push up exercise for about 10 to 15 times these exercises are specifically designed by physical therapists to help you quickly restore the normal position of your spine when you suffer from lower back pain remember if the pain persists  for more than a few days even after  performing the exercise regularly then immediately contact your physical therapist to make them aware of your situation.