Physical Therapy for Low Back Pain Relief

Lower back discomfort is not something you are the only one suffering from. There have been many people who have experienced the same problem. Most cases of back discomfort are mild and self-resolving. Back discomfort can sometimes recur for some people and cause impairments or diminished quality of living. Low back discomfort can be treated with physical therapy.

The experts in physical therapy can help you with mobility. They improve people’s health and decrease the risk of developing diseases by providing direct treatment, education and prescribed mobility. A physical therapist is also available to evaluate your case. If you’re in the area, visit the best San Diego Physical Therapy Clinic.

There are three types of low back pain:

There are three types:

  • Recurrence – A recurrence or reoccurrence of acute symptoms
  • Chronic pain is defined as any persistent pain that lasts longer than three months.
  • Three months or less of pain

A majority of people who experience acute pain will have a recurrence at some point in their lives. Although low back discomfort can be confusing, the symptoms often go away on their own. Psychosocial characteristics like self-confidence, belief in one’s ability to deal with handicaps and self-confidence can influence a person’s chances of not recovering fully from low back discomfort. We used to believe that low back discomfort was caused by the tissues of our bodies. But, today we know that it is much more complex than that.

Is there a treatment?

They will perform the following as part of your comprehensive evaluation by your physical therapist:

  • An examination of your medical records.
  • The PT will ask you questions about any symptoms that you may have.
  • Examine the quality and quantity of your movements as well as any patterns that might delay your recovery.
  • To determine if you have any symptoms or signs of a major health concern such as cancer or a broken bone, test your body.
  • A review of your body’s use at work, home, and at leisure.

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What are the benefits of seeing a physical therapist?

Your physical therapist will help you to regain mobility, and relieve low back pain, most of the time without using drugs or invasive surgery.

The treatment you receive for low back pain should be tailored to your individual case. After your physical therapist has reviewed your findings, a customized treatment plan will be created for your back condition. This includes:

  • Manual treatment such as spinal manipulation can increase joint and soft tissue mobility.
  • You can do specific exercises to increase your strength and flexibility.
  • Education can help you take better care of your back.
  • Additionally, it is important to learn how to properly lift, bend, and sit, as well as how to sleep in the right positions.
  • You can improve your overall health by creating a safe and effective exercise routine.
  • There are three options for pain relief: heat, cold, and electrical stimulation.


If your discomfort persists, or gets worsened, make an appointment to see your physical therapist. You will avoid getting into trouble in the future by making an appointment with your physical therapist.

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