What We Treat

Our therapists have treated thousands of patients with all conditions. We have chosen to be diverse in this area in order to be accommodating and flexible during our treatment sessions.

It is not uncommon that patients are coming to us with a bad case of sciatica running down their leg and are also being seen for a shoulder problem that’s been bothering them for years.

Due to the fact that our doctors get to spend 60 minutes of skilled therapy with each patient, we are able to take on some of the toughest cases and bring people the relief they have so desperately longed for without surgery or pills.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Pro+Kinetix Physical Therapy & Performance In Oakland, Des Moines & San Diego...

200+ 5-Star Reviews!

- Christine

From Previously Failed PT to Running & Dancing
“I’ve had a knee problem for 2 years when I started working with Dr. Colin Miller, from Pro+Kinetix Physical Therapy & Performance. I had gone to other PTs with no results. Colin in AMAZING. Within a couple of weeks, my knee was significantly better.”

- Victoria

From Failed Injections & Surgery to Completing a Triathlon
“I was at the point where I could not accept that at 26 I would live with constant, increasing knee pain. I cannot express how much he has changed and improved my life, without sounding overly dramatic. If not already evident from his other reviews, Ben is the best!”

- Jason

From Surgery Scheduled to Playing Basketball Pain Free
“My son is a dedicated high school basketball player who suffered a labral hip tear last summer. After a few failed attempts at recovery he was advised to get surgery on both hips to correct impingement issues with a 2 year recovery timeline.”