oswestry disability Index

The oswestry disability Index measures the degree to which a patient’s lower back pain restricts their normal daily activities. This is unlike other outcomes-based tests, where the highest score indicates a greater disability.

0-4: There is no disability

5-14: Mild disability

15-24: Moderate disability

25-34: Severe disability

35-50: Completely disabled

A physical therapy authorization may be required to help lower back pain. Before preparing an exercise program after oswestry disabilities index, a baseline measurement of range of motion is taken. Every follow-up visit includes a new scorecode which is used to track progress and set goals for the treatment.

The total score can be tracked for each follow up visit. If the score drops by 13, it indicates that treatment has been effective in improving symptoms. This information, along with the results of a physical exam that is performed by a physical therapist on oswestry disability Index, can help healthcare providers to determine the appropriate treatment for disabled persons. If you’re in the area, visit the best San Diego Physical Therapy Clinic.

No disability:

No treatment is recommended for such conditions other than weight lifting and aerobic exercises to keep you healthy.

Less disabilities

You can use it to treat depression symptoms.

Moderate disability:

Moderate disability requires more intensive treatment, which may include pain management and extensive physical therapy.

Severe disability:

Severe disability requires medical intervention. These may include surgery, pain management and the adoption of equipment such as wheelchairs or help from a caretaker.


If the patient is in this situation, or if the patient’s symptoms are exaggerated or bedbound, a caretaker will be needed to take over the daily activities and perform self-care tasks. We can help! Visit the #1 Rancho Bernardo Physical Therapy Clinic.


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