Osteoporosis – body posture dissolving

Osteoporosis refers to a condition where your bones begin to dissolve. Your bones will become weaker with each passing day. Even mild stress can cause bone fragility.

When the body’s resorption rate increases relative to the formation of bone, osteoporosis can occur. Bones are continually remodeled and absorbed by the body. If you’re in the area, visit the best San Diego Physical Therapy Clinic.


There are many causes of osteoporosis. It can affect anyone age, but it is more common in women and older people. Certain risk factors cannot be controlled, such as

  • Sex

It affects females more than men,

  • Age

This is more common in the elderly than it is in a youngster.

  • Race

Different researchers have shown that osteoporosis in Asians and whites is more prevalent.

  • Family history

You are more at risk if your parents, or any siblings, have osteoporosis.

  • Hormones level

A lower level of sex hormone can lead to osteoporosis. This is why women after menopause are more at risk. If your body is hyperthyroidism and you don’t control it, it could lead to bone loss even in young people.

These are the risk factors that you cannot control, but you can still control some other factors like

  • Factors affecting diet

You may not be eating a healthy diet, and your calcium levels will drop. If you eat a strict diet and neglect your nutritional needs, osteoporosis can easily happen.

  • Lifestyle options

A sedentary lifestyle combined with excessive tobacco use can increase your risk of developing osteoporosis. 

  • Signs

In the beginning, there are no obvious symptoms. However, as the disease progresses, symptoms like

  • Pain in the back
  • Height loss
  • Loss of the right posture
  • Bone breaking

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These symptoms are common.

  • Treatment

Osteoporosis can be treated with drugs like Denosumab, Bisphosphonates and selective estrogen therapy. Mostly, physical therapy sessions are used to treat the condition.

  • Exercises to lose weight

Weight lifting or resistance training is a great way to increase bone mass. Walking and hoofing can increase bone density

  • Strength and flexibility exercises

Yoga and other flexibility exercises can be done under the guidance of a qualified physical therapist to help maintain your posture.

  • Exercises for the postural system

These exercises are great for maintaining the best posture.


An osteoporosis therapist can help you deal with it more effectively. Multiple treatment programs can be used to treat osteoporosis. This helps patients recover quickly. Physical therapy, if you have congenital osteoporosis, can help increase your life expectancy and preserve your bone health.

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