In the Therapy Clinic, Your Physical Therapist plays games

After your physical treatment, you were able to go home. You may have done your stretching and worked on strengthening exercises at home. This is a great way to feel better. However, you might wonder what a physical therapy therapist does after you leave the clinic. How do physical therapists have fun at work? What do they do with their time today?

While most physical therapists are highly professional people, there are times when the patients are not with them. To make sure that they have some fun while away from patients, here are some activities that physical therapists can engage in. This is not a list of all the fun activities that physical therapists do, but some do these activities to help them relax. If you’re in the area, visit the best San Diego Physical Therapy Clinic.

Stool Races

You may have seen the rolling stool in your physical therapist’s clinic. This is what you use to sit on during physical therapy sessions. It allows you to work in different conditions and move quickly within the clinic.

Different techniques for racing stool can help you exercise different muscle groups. If a physical therapist is pushing backwards then the quadriceps muscles need to be used. Forward motion is achieved by using your heels and pulling yourself along the floor. In this instance, the hamstrings will be used.

Paraffin games

Paraffin wax is a therapeutic passive modality that heats and humidifies different body parts. It is most commonly used in the treatment for hand injuries and conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. Apply the wax to your body by repeatedly dipping it in the hot wax. Wrap your body with a towel and let the wax dry for a few seconds.

After a long work day, your physical therapist might want to have some fun. For example, if you challenge a game where you try to remove paraffin from one side of your hand while keeping the shape of your hand, the therapist will win the game. We can help! Visit the #1 Rancho Bernardo  Physical Therapy Clinic.

After the paraffin has been removed from your hand, it can be molded into different shapes such as small spheres or cubes. Your physical therapist may also use them to play Little game basketball by throwing them in any buckets like a garbage can.

These are just some of the many benefits physical therapists have at their clinics.

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