How to Use Home Physical Therapy Equipment

Physical therapists can be a great help if you are hurt or have undergone surgery. Your physical therapist will assist you in recovering quickly and safely.

The right tools for you to safely regain motion and reduce pain may be physical therapy tools. Knowing what your injuries and illnesses mean can help you plan your rehab. If you’re in the area, visit the best San Diego Physical Therapy Clinic.

Lower back pain

Lower back pain can affect your ability to stand straight and walk well. If you have a pinched spine, then you may feel numbness in both your legs. A pinched nerve in your spine is usually treated by taking pressure off the spinal nerves.

These are the steps to help you get rid of this condition.

  • From the knees to your chest
  • Get up
  • Bridges
  • Straight leg raises
  • Also, exercises for strengthening the spine can be done.

Postural correction is an important part of self-care for lower back problems. A lumbar roll can support your spine and be used by physical therapists. Lumbar rolls cost between $10 and $40. To manage your pain, your insurance company may also cover a back brace. We can help! Visit the #1 Del Mar Physical Therapy Clinic.

For shoulder pain

Shoulder pain is a sign that you have poor physical health. You should strengthen your rotator wrist muscles to be able to identify the source of the pain.

The most common tools for strengthening the shoulder muscles are small dumbbells, ranging in weight from 1 to 5 lbs, and resistance bands.

Kinesiology tapes are also recommended by some therapists. It’s something you can learn yourself. One role costs only 15 Dollar. You can also do it at home for your rehabilitation.

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