How to Use a Walker Correctly

Main senior aged  people including those who suffer from osteoarthritis and other musculoskeletal problems or people who recovered from a stroke or any other musculoskeletal injury may require using a wakad to help them with their balance reduce range of motion and stability

There are wide variety and range of walkers to choose from so it is important to consider your individual needs while selecting a Walker you’ll also want to learn that how to use a Walker safely and effectively always make sure that you are using the right model because walker range from simple to dulex some are lightweight without wheels while other have wheels

 For climbing up and down from the stairs, find a perfect fit navigating stairs.

Most of the time many curbs have wheelchair ramps which are also ideal for walkers but you will undoubtedly faces standard curb at some point in your life

Here is how to climb the stair safely

  • Get closer to the curb
  • Place the Walker on the curb
  • Pushdown on the Walker with your  both hands  and step up first with the stronger leg and then with the weaker leg

Here is how to step down from standard staircase

  • Woke up close to the edge of the stairs
  • No place the Walker down on the ground
  • Slowly step down with the vehicle leg and push down the walker  with your hands 
  • now step down with your stronger leg

Sitting With Your Walker

  • When you are ready to sit down on the chair after walking this is how to do it
  •  stand with your back to the chair
  • touch the back of your legs to the chair so you know you are close enough to sit down and doesn’t fall on the ground 
  • slide your walker leg forward as you shift weight to you stronger leg
  • Then switch your hand from the Walker to the arms on the chair and sit down properly

Here’s how to get back up from mutual comfortable with the help of a Walker

  • Put the walker in the front of the chair
  • Move forward in your chair and place your hands on the armrest of chair and push your body up
  • Switch your hands from the armrest of the chair to the Walker
  • Stand in this position for a minute to make sure that you feel stable and balance before you begin to walk