Hamstring stretches

You may suffer from acute to chronic lower   back pain when your hamstring muscles become too tight this is because hamstring muscles are connected to the pelvis and pull down the pelvis in the back this helps to flatten the normal Arch of your lower back when your pelvis is not at stable place and is not supported by your hamstring muscles you may suffer from lower back pain and other back problems as well regularly stretching your hamstrings can help to to relieve the symptoms of back pain and prevent them in future . Some of the most effective physical therapy stretches for your hamstring are

Beginners Supine Hamstring Stretch

Not everyone can touch their toes while doing the supine hamstring stretch so so there’s another exercise with variation called as beginners supine hamstring stretch try these variations when you still have some of the initial stiffness in your hamstring muscles place a belt or strap around the bottom of your foot so even if you can’t reach your toes by your hands you can use that step to pull your leg towards your head you can also grab a part of your leg above your foot instead of your toes just grab your leg and bend the opposite leg to help and stabilize your trunk as you stretch this well relax your hamstring muscles and your pelvis will be aligned properly

Standing Hamstring Stretch

There are many reasons by which you might not feel comfortable while lying down on the floor and getting back up from the floor such as you may be pregnant or you may have any other injury or pain so if you are suffering from any condition which prevent you from lying down in the supine position then you can also try a one leg hamstring stretch this can be done in a standing position

For performing standing hamstring stretch it stands your one leg out and keeps your back upright now bend your hip joint, to bring your chest to towards Your thighs opposite leg will bend at the knee

When performing any hamstring stretch keep this thing in the mind that you are performing these stretches for stabilizing your body and not for punishing your body so only go as far as you can without any pain or strain while performing any exercise in  standing  position you can hold onto a piece of furniture or the wall for extra stability if you need