Hamstring stretch for athletes

The spine is supported between the two hip bones in your back together these two hip bones form the pelvis the pelvis and the lumbar spine move together while we are moving the hamstring muscles support your pelvic region and when the hamstring muscle group contracts abnormally it can lead to a posterior pelvic tilt this is a tipping off the tail towards the back of the thigh so we can say that the hip muscles including hamstrings have the capacity to alter and sometimes maintain position of the pelvis when your hamstring muscles become contracted your physical therapist will suggest you some hamstring stretches who have already discussed about hamstring stretches now we will discuss about some of the other advanced hamstring stretches

Easy Hamstring Stretch for Athletes

If your active try to perform this easy stretch place your heel or ankle of one leg on something which is as high as your waist or a little lower if you can’t bend your leg to that level now band at your hips to bring the front of your truck towards your thighs for best results try to keep your back in a straight position as straight back will also provide some protection for your spine

Advanced Hamstring Stretch for Athletes

If the easy hamstring stretch is doesn’t enough challenging for you you can also try advanced hamstring stretch which you can perform in a one leg squat position

Partner Hamstring Stretching

You can go a little further with your hamstring stretch with the help of a friend or a workout partner at gym while maintaining the supine position ask your partner to help you bring your leg towards your head

Make sure that you are constantly giving the verbal feedback to your partner so that they won’t overstretch your leg the ideal intensity is somewhere between comfortable and a very little challenging position

Always perform hamstring stretches after consultation from your physical therapy so that they can suggest you that they are safe for you or not in addition to that when you perform hamstring stretches be careful not to go to for even if you are athlete hold each touch for about 30 seconds in a comfortable level you should feel the stretch but you should not feel any pain if you feel any pain immediately stop stretching. In addition to that if you feel pain even with a slight hamstring stretch contact your physical therapist for their can evaluate your condition and divise a treatment for you