Four most Common fractures of your upper limb and physical therapy

These days due to bad nutritional habits and bad lifestyle fractures are common. Almost 20% of people suffer from upper lip fractures once in their lifetime. Today we will discuss the five common upper limb fractures and how they are treated by a physical therapist.

Collarbone (Clavicle) Fracture

It is the bone that attaches our arms to our body so we can say that it is a connection between our body and our arms. A collarbone fracture mostly occurs because of her trauma sports injury falling on your shoulders may be due to a sudden blow to your shoulder. Most of the collar bone fractures are healed without surgery with the help of physical therapy. Physical therapists help to speed up the process of repairing in addition to that they also help to strengthen the upper limb muscles and increase the range of motion after a collarbone injury.

Proximal Humeral (Upper Arm Bone) Fracture

The proximal humeral is a part of our upper arm bone that is near to our shoulder; its injury can occur if we fall on our shoulder or our proximal humeral bone. You can also damage your proximal humeral bone if you fall with your outstretched hand. In 90% of the cases, this injury can be treated with physical therapy and no surgical treatment is required in physical therapy your physical therapist will focus on increasing your range of motion strengthening the muscles near the proximal humeral area, and also using electrical therapy so that your swelling and pain can be reduced

Elbow fracture

It is a joint which is made up of a fusion of radius ulna and humerus bone. An Elbow fracture can occur due to osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, sudden trauma, or an accident. In elbow fracture, it is really hard to restore the range of motion, and long physical therapy is done in this case because it is a combination of 3 bones and if all three bones are affected it becomes very hard to treat this.

Distal radius fracture

It is a fracture of the wrist bone in which any one of the two long bones is broken depending on the pattern of fracture there are several terms used such as Colles or Smith fracture. Most of the time surgical treatment is a must for this type of injury and after surgery physical therapy helps in the rehabilitation process.