For the ankle, do a physical therapy exercise

You may also be recommended other exercises by your physical therapist depending on your ankle condition. These exercises can be done only if you have successfully completed the initial exercises, and your ankle is in a much better condition than before. If you’re in the area, visit the best San Diego Physical Therapy Clinic.

Resisted Strengthening Inversion

Inversion exercises that strengthen resistance will help you become more flexible and stronger.

For this exercise

  • Put the loop exercise band under one’s foot and grip it with your hands
  • Now, move your ankle so your toes are pointed up. Turn your foot inward until your soul is facing the other leg.
  • Continue doing so until you feel any discomfort
  • For two seconds, hold this position and then return to normal

Resisted Strengthening Eversion

Here’s how you do this exercise

  • Hold the exercise band with your hands under your foot.
  • Move your ankle while keeping your toes pointed straight up
  • Now turn your left foot inward.
  • Move your foot towards your leg until you feel discomfort
  • This position should be held for at least two seconds before you return to normal.

Partial Weight-Bearing Seated Calf Raises

These exercises can help you put more weight on your injured ankle. They are done after you have become familiar with the other exercises. Each exercise should be performed 10 times.

  • Place your feet on a comfortable chair.
  • Place your foot on the ground
  • While lifting your heel as high as possible, keep your toes on a flat surface.
  • Retire your heel to the ground

Partial Weight-Bearing Standing Weigh Shift

Sometimes, your doctor will need to reduce the weight you put on your injured leg in order to protect your ankle. Immobilization can result in other muscle damage to your leg.

Your physical therapist may suggest increasing the weight of your injured leg as you recover.

  • While holding on to a stable object, stand straight and hold onto it.
  • You can shift some weight onto your injured foot.
  • This position should be held for 15 seconds
  • Now, relax and return your weight to your uninjured knee.

These exercises will strengthen your lower leg and ankle muscles. Your physical therapist will walk you through each one. You should pay attention and follow the instructions of your physical therapy so you can perform them at home. We can help! Visit the #1 Rancho Penasquitos Physical Therapy Clinic.

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