Crutches and physical therapy

When you suffer from any lower extremity injury you may be unable to  use your one leg in such cases your physical therapist and health care provider will suggest you to use crutches  or Walker in case if you have a strong upper extremities your physical therapist will suggest you crutches for walking there is a specific trick for using crutches for walking and your physical therapist will completely guide you about how to use the crutches properly so that you doesn’t fall there  is a proper procedure by which a physical therapist will train you on how to walk with the help of crutches and perform your daily activities without any hindrance

Walking With Crutches

To walk with crutches:

For walking with the crutches

  • Move both of your crushes together at a short distance in front of you
  • Move about 18 inches
  • Make sure to take short steps when you are moving with the help of your crutches
  • Support yourself with your hands and allows your body to swing forward as if your going to step on your injured leg
  • But instead of putting weight on your injured leg rest your weight on the crutches handles of the injured leg
  • Do not allow the top of the crutches to touch your armpit and keep your body supported with your hand
  • There are also some other things which you always keep in your mind for example your crutches take up more room on the sides and you can easily stuck in things so always make sure to keep wide space on both sides of your body
  • In addition to that make sure that the tips and other parts of the crutches are completely padded to prevent any injury because of insufficient padding
  • Make sure that you are always looking forward when you are walking and don’t look on the sideways or on your feet it is very important for your safety
  • Take short steps while walking and take rest often between walking
  • Keep the top of the crutches tightly against your side and use your hands to absorb your weight
  • Never keep the crutches under your armpits because there are several sensitive nerves there which can be damaged easily and cause other problems for you

In the beginning you may find it extremely difficult balancing your weight on the cultures but follow the tips of your physical therapist and you will get used to it and then become able to walk properly without any injury or disbalnce