Bone fracture and physical therapy

Bone is the strongest tissue in the body and the support of your body as well. If you can move properly all credit goes to your bone but have you ever wondered what will be circumstances if you just fracture your one bone and how the pain of fracture feels like. Well, the pain of a broken bone can be lethal.

You just faint for a minute and you even forget to scream. After taking a high dose of painkillers the pain still does not completely vanish. In addition to pain, your body part is immobilized and muscles attached to the bone are also affected. A physical therapist is a person here who with surgery or without surgery helps you to recover from injury fastly and also to reduce pain.


Healthy bones are extremely strong and can bear astonishing large forces but if the force applied is more than their bearing capacity they break. Bones can break due to physical treatment, conditions such as osteoporosis, and arthritis, increased age, menopause, and an unhealthy diet can lead to fractures.


Services physical therapists give

  • Physics therapist helps you with the usage of medical aids such as walkers, canes, or crutches. This includes training you how to walk upstairs or downstairs and how to get in the car
  • In lower extremity fractures you may be advised not to bear weight on that part and in upper extremities how to use a sling effectively 
  • Physical Therapist will access you 

Range of motion

Strength of muscles


Weight-bearing capacity 


  • After the initial evaluation, the physical therapist suggests a set of exercises which may include ice or heat therapy, muscle stretching to regain mobility range, massage techniques to manage edema, stabilizing gate.


A physical therapist helps you to maintain a normal life with fracture and also helps you in fast recovery and achieving maximum stability even after major bone damage.