At home, you can do physical therapy exercises

Here are some exercises you can do at your home to prevent wrist and hand injuries due to repetitive stress injury or excessive strain. If you’re in the area, visit the best San Diego Physical Therapy Clinic.

Pinch for Key Grip

  • Our thumb and finger help us hold pencils and other writing tools. It is essential to maintain finger and thumb strength for optimal functioning. The key grip pinch exercise is one way to strengthen thumb and finger muscles.
  • Here are the steps to master the key grip pinch
  • Make a ball using rubber bands
  • You will hold the rubber band ball between your thumbs and first fingers, so it appears as if you are holding a key.
  • For 3 seconds, squeeze the ball between your thumbs.
  • Do this again 15 times

Towel Hand Grip

To maintain grip strength, you can do the travel handgrip exercises.

  • Make a circular shape with a towel by folding it like a hotdog.
  • Gently squeeze the towel between your hands and rest your forearms on a table.
  • Keep this position for 5 seconds to stretch your hand’s muscles.
  • Keep going for between 10 and 15 seconds.

Upper Extremity Nerve Glazes

From your neck, to your hand and wrist, three major nerves are involved. These nerves need flossing to ensure they glide normally in your arms. You can practice the three nerve glides only a few times per day to keep them mobile.

Median Nerve

  • Position yourself in anatomical alignment
  • With your elbow bent, hold your arm out to the side.
  • The palm of your hand must be straightened
  • Your palm should face the ceiling.
  • Now, extend your wrist downward and touch your palm.
  • Be sure to keep your elbows straight and your spine aligned.
  • Do this for 2 seconds. Repeat 10 times.

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Radial Nerve

  • With your palm facing toward your back, extend your arm towards your hips.
  • Allow your one shoulder to relax and let it sink towards ground
  • Now, extend your arm outwards and bend your wrist.
  • You can continue to hold this position for a while and then move your neck away from the arm.
  • For 2 seconds, hold the button down and then slowly let go.
  • Repeat this 10 times

Ulnar Nerve

  • Place your palm on the floor and extend your arm so that it is parallel to your arm.
  • Slowly bend your wrist and elbow so your palm moves towards the side.
  • A gentle stretch will occur in your pinky, wrist and elbow.
  • For 2 seconds, hold the button down and then release it.
  • Repeat the same position 10 times

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