Acute low back pain try this first

If you are suffering from lower back pain than you know how painful and unbearable this condition can be sciatica is the pain in your lower back that comes from the irritation of the sciatic nerve  it can cause pain and numbness and even loss of sensations in your legs and  can greatly affect your ability to sit  walk or perform daily activities

If you develop a sudden extreme lower back pain or sciatica there are some basic steps to help you recover from this condition and return back to the normal life

 most of the time low back pain is not dangerous but it is always a good choice to visit your healthcare provider of physical therapist first as a physical therapist know much more about your musculoskeletal system and can identify the underlying cause of the pain and then suggest the treatments

Some of the treatments that your physical therapist will suggest you are

Acute Low Back Pain: 

If you are suffering from lower back pain you may wonder that you will not be able to walk properly again because most of the time you have heard that spine injuries don’t recover because of spinal nerves so the first step is don’t panic even if the pain is acute or chronic.

pain can be so severe that it can limit your ability to lie down or sit comfortably a

Or even going to work become impossible for you but remember that most of the lower back pain get better as quickly and most of the time the cases are resolved in some weeks sometimes it go away without treatment so remember don’t to panic and consult your physical therapist take proper rest and don’t perform such movements which worsen your pain with right treatment you can recover from lower back pain in just a few days to weeks.

Lie Face Down

Most of the time standing walking or sitting becomes impossible when you suffer from lower back pain so your initial treatment should be to lie face down on a flat and hard surface this is the very first step before any progression of exercise if getting on the floor is difficult than lie on your bed but make sure that your bed is not too much soft that it compresses down when you lie on it

Lie down on your stomach and place  arms at your side now turn your head to one side and relax make sure to breathe normally and relax your back during the whole procedure when you lie down on your stomach you may observe that your symptoms are changing you can note centralisation of pain which is the moment of pain on the side of your back buttocks and  in thighs closer to the midline of your spine centralisation of a pain is one of the good sign which means that you are doing the right thing for your back if the pain moves away from your spine and travels to your leg and worsen you can immediately change the position after this you can move to the further steps of lower back pain treatment.