A cervical roll can help you manage neck pain

A cervical roll is a small pillow placed in a pillowcase that supports your neck while you sleep.

This role will allow you to keep the correct posture of your neck while you sleep on your back or side.

You may be suffering from neck or arm pain from your neck. This pain can make it difficult to turn your head, look up and down, and do daily tasks like driving your car or washing hair.

There are many reasons for neck pain. However, most often the pain is sudden and without warning. You may wake up one morning with neck pain.

First, don’t panic. Contact your physical therapist immediately. Your physical therapist can suggest gentle range of motion neck exercises as well as tips for maintaining a good posture while sitting or standing.

It is very difficult to maintain a good posture while you sleep. Your physical therapist might suggest a cervical roll.

Use a Cervical Roll during Sleep

A cervical roll can help maintain your neck alignment while you sleep. Simply place the cervical roll in your pillowcase and then move it to the other end of the pillow. The role should be the entire length of the pillow.

Place the pillow on the bed, with the cervical roller inside. The cervical roll should be in the case so that your neck is supported when you place your head on the pillow.

If you lie down on your back, the cervical roll will press against your neck supporting it.

It is best to avoid sleeping on your stomach if you have neck pain.

You may feel some discomfort the first night of using the cervical roll. However, you will soon become used to it and the roll will support your neck without causing any additional discomfort.