What is a physical therapy treatment post-concussion syndrome?

A concussion is a brain injury that causes long-term mental and physical effects. You can use a concussion just like any muscle to increase strength and speed up healing.

What is Post-Concussion Syndrome?

A post-concussive condition refers to a condition where the concussion effects last several weeks or months following the initial injury. You should seek medical attention if you still experience symptoms such as headaches, light sensitivity, dizziness, and light sensitivity. If you’re in the area, visit the best San Diego Physical Therapy Clinic.

The severity of your concussion will affect how quickly you recover. Therefore, it is important to seek expert advice. A physiotherapist will ask you many questions to get a clear picture of the cause of your condition. The first step to determining the cause of your symptoms is to examine your mental and physical abilities. These data are essential to keep track of your progress and develop a treatment plan.

Physiotherapy for concussion

In a personal setting, your physiotherapist will create a treatment plan that is tailored to your injury. Important treatments for concussions include:

Rest and recuperation

Your doctor will advise you to get adequate sleep in order for your brain to heal. Unless otherwise instructed, you should avoid any form of exercise or mental stimulation. Depending on the extent of the damage, the duration could last from several days to several weeks.

Allergy to pain

Concussions can cause headaches in the neck and head. To keep you as comfortable and as comfortable as possible, your physiotherapist might recommend certain stretches or treatments to ease headache symptoms. Other therapies such as eye exercises and electrical stimulation can also be helpful in relieving tension and discomfort.

Restore function

Your body might feel weak or fatigued after a concussion. This is because your body needs to rest for a while. To address this problem, your physiotherapist will recommend a number of exercises and stretches with low movement. We can help! Visit the #1 Del Mar Physical Therapy Clinic.

You can resume your regular routine

It is important to take your time when returning to a regular level of activity and living. You might get injured if you do not take your time and return to certain activities quickly. This can increase the likelihood of further problems. Re-injury can increase the severity of concussions so it is important to seek professional guidance about how to safely return to pre-concussion life.


A physical therapist is a good choice if you’ve had these problems in the past and need to make a quick recovery. To ensure that your brain is at its best, a team of physiotherapists will perform cognitive and physical testing.

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