How to Prepare for Functional Activities 完

Is standing causing back pain?

Do you get low back pain when you vacuum?

Do your neck or shoulders hurt when you rake your leaves?

Do you get hip pain with lifting?

Why is this happening? You may be: 

  • Using excessive muscle activity during functional tasks. 
  • Experiencing unequal or poor distribution of load on ligaments, cartilage, and muscles. This can cause excessive and/or asymmetrical loading of tissues which results in pain. 
  • Lacking postural stability. 
  • Experiencing ineffective use of weight shifting during activities. 
  • Lacking use of momentum to increase efficiency of movement. 
  • In an unsafe environment for effective performance.  

Here are Some Guidelines to Lift Properly:

Incorrect posture: 

Rounded back, straight knees, weight too far away. 

Twisting and lifting.


Straight back, bent hips and knees, weight close. 

Move your feet rather than twisting and lifting.

In summary: 

Keep good alignment, avoid rounding your back. 

Be close to the object you are planning to use (Ex: Vacuum, Rake, Shovel) 

Bend your hips and knees. 

Use leg power to lift by using buttocks and thigh muscles. 

Gently tighten stomach muscles for support. 

Avoid twisting your back by moving your feet. 

Ask for help when load exceeds your ability. 

How to Prepare for Functional Activities: Basic to Advanced Exercise Techniques 

Basic Exercises to Train for Postural Stabilization 

Modified bridging exercises 

Push-ups with trunk stabilization 

Wall slides 

Partial lunges, partial squats and steps. 

Walking against resistance.

Try these Transitional Stabilization Exercises: 

Quadruped forward/backward shifting 

Squatting and reaching 

Shifting weight and turning 

Intermediate to Advanced Exercise Techniques for Postural Stabilization: 

Repetitive lifting 

Repetitive reaching 

Repetitive pushing and pulling 

Rotation or turning 

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