Squat Technique!

How to properly squat to avoid knee injury:The squat is the most common exercise used when training because it is a movement needed throughout almost every sport, great for strength and muscle development, and is a technique we use millions of times throughout our lives. The squat is very popular because it can be performed …

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Deadlift Technique!

How to properly deadlift to avoid back injury: Deadlifting is one of the most popular exercises for athletes or anyone in the gym to perform and there is good reason for that. The deadlift is a compound exercise that helps to build overall muscle mass and strength which improves athletic performance. Many people think that …

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Training for Power

Updated: Nov 15, 2019 How to improve your muscular power! Is your goal to improve your athletic abilities and take your competitive skills to the next level? In the last couple of posts, both strength and hypertrophy training have been discussed. Strength and hypertrophy training should always be performed prior to performing any muscular power training …

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