Month: November 2020


📝These types of texts from patients make our day! 🔒This patient has been going through a lot of stress and has been experiencing neck and shoulder tightness because of it. Before coming in and seeing us she had been going through a multitude of different shoulder exercises and trying to figure it out on her …

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Meet the Team: Dr. Mike

💥 MEET DR. MIKE💥 🔹Doctor Mike comes from a family that are in the medical community so originally he was following the steps to go to medical school but realized he was only following in his parents footsteps. So he changed routes and took a year off after graduating undergrad. While looking into other avenues …

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Headache Workshop

A workshop targeting headaches where you get actionable steps and exercises to decrease the intensity and frequency of headaches. We also discuss why they are happening! “Headaches are a pain that most of us know all too well. Whether it be a migraine, a sinus headache, or a tension headache, nearly all of us experience …

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